Southern Cooking 123

Southern Cooking covers the recipes from the southern United States. From healthy dishes to fried soul food, the fascination for this unique cuisine continues to grow. While many claim to cook southern style, few are actually living in the south.

Our free online cookbook helps one cook the classic meals of the true south. Many of these recipes were in danger of being lost forever, so this site was built to preserve the southern flavors and rich history and culture that is tied to the kitchen. Enjoy our timeless instructions for tasty meals and learn the classics.

Send your recommendations for new and interesting cooking ideas. We strive to keep this site country style and free of any fancy stuff! Simple cuisine with original flavors using time tested techniques from generations past.

PIES - Pecan, Apple, Pumpkin

CHICKEN - Southern Fried, Baked, Fricassed

VEGATABLES - Green beans, Okra, Squash

BREADS - Biscuits, Rolls, Cornbread

SALADS - Fruit Salad, Garden, Congealed

SOUPS - Chicken Noodle, Lentil, Split Pea

HOSPITALTY - Do's and don'ts with guests

TABLE PLACEMENT - Do it right every time!